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Travel Tips Part 13: Salzburg, Austria

Here you are about to fulfil your childhood dream of coming to Salzburg; the town where you’re all-time favourite film was shot: The Sound Of Music. Unfortunately you will not be able to join an upper-class family of singers, nor fall in love with the handsome-brutish man of the household, but you’re still able to bask in the awesome beauty of the town. You arrive early in the morning and are instantly greeted with the soft falling of snow, which although is very romantic, becomes stressful when your Doc’s slip on the icy ground. After a couple of near falls, you finally reach your hostel and gladly spend the afternoon chilling out – something you’ve become quite accustomed to as of late. At lunch time you walk into the main street and order a vegan meal at an overly-friendly restaurant, before texting an old friend to catch up for drinks. Continue reading

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