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Travel Tips Part 10: Krakow, Poland

Travel Tips Part 10: Krakow, Poland.

You’re yet to realise this at the moment, but your trip to Krakow is going to turn into somewhat of a fuck up. Your overnight train from Prague leaves at 9.30 which gives you the day to explore more of this beautiful city. After dinner, you confidently walk up to the station and have a confusing conversation with the woman behind the international ticket desk – your Eurail pass isn’t valid for Poland so you have to buy a separate ticket, which turns out to be cheaper than you expected. You get on your train with utmost confusion as you can’t find your seat, because apparently you’d booked a sleeping cabin. You don’t panic until the ticket officer takes your Eurail pass away from you: you can’t understand what the problem is. After unsettling into the world’s most uncomfortable bed, you chat with the officer who tells you that you in fact don’t have a valid ticket for the train – the woman had only sold you a sleeping reservation. Of course.

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