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Travel Tips Part 12: Grunau Im Almtal, Austria

Grunau is a tiny town secluded in the middle of nowhere in Austria. The town was recommended to you by your couch surfing host Anna back in Munich, where she guaranteed that this was the best place to come to soak up some nature and recharge your batteries. Feeling shattered after weeks of travel, this town sounds like a holiday away from your holiday. The train journey is only a mere 3 hours from Salzburg, which gives you time to have a smoke, a glass of wine, and relax on the train. Opting for your iPod as accompaniment, you listen to Florence and the Machine’s new album as you stare out of the window to the white wonderment of a European winter. You had only seen snow a couple of times before now: once you can barely remember as you were 3 years old, and the second time was on a mountain in New Zealand, in which case the snow had been there for a long time and was therefore hard and icy.

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