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Travel Tips Part 2: Bergen, Norway

Welcome to this tiny haven of paradise heartily recommended to you by the trusty team at Lonely Planet. The 7.5 hour train ride over was worth the 50NOK seat reservation alone: you were greeted by snowy mountains which look just like those Norwegian postcards you’ve seen dotted about the place. As soon as you arrive in Bergen you feel relaxed and at ease: Bergen is a small town populated by a lot of international University students. As you walk the 5 minutes to your hostel, you bump past various moody looking students with half-shaved heads and lip piercings. This time, you don’t get lost on your way to the hostel which isn’t something to get too smug about – it is quite literally around the corner from the central station, which is why it becomes all the more pathetic when you manage to get lost on the way back, but we’ll get to that later.

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