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A Short Letter to Hitch.








Dear Hitch,

Today I was reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair and I couldn’t help but notice that you were missing from the pages. Perhaps the impact of your death hasn’t hit me until now, until I realised at that moment that I was no longer going to able to read your elegant, witty words again.

You could have stuck around for another twenty years at least; you would have been in your eighties, still battling against injustice in this world with style and finesse. I would be in my forties, still struggling as a writer perhaps, or maybe I would be a mum with four kids, keeping my writing as a small hobby in between wiping poo and cooking. I can imagine that even then, as an adult, I would still be sad to hear you’ve passed. You’ve been taken from us too early. What an awful cliché, I know, but that’s how I feel.

I often wonder if you hadn’t smoked and drunk your way through your life and your prolific career, your words wouldn’t have been so brilliantly perfected. You once said that you wouldn’t change anything so much, because the drink and smokes were companions to your writing. Albeit without them, you might have stuck around a bit longer.

Everything you’ve written has always moved me. Your words have given me massive inspiration and hope for what I want to achieve in this bleak world. And I suppose I want to thank you for that. I admire you. Or should that be, I admired you?

I often ponder what you would say about everything that has changed since you died. The war, the bloodshed, the inhumanity. I don’t agree with you on everything you asserted, but you were mighty convincing. Were. It’s odd that I have to keep reminding myself to write in the past tense about you.

I resent the void you’ve left in my favourite literary magazine. I hope you know how many people you’ve affected, how many lives you’ve changed by your words. Also, how many people you’ve affected by leaving the party so soon.

I sincerely hope that when you were alive, you knew how loved and admired you were.

My imaginary-friend, Hitch. There has to be some sort of irony there.

That’s about it then.

Kind regards,


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Jesus Vs. Barthes: Investigating the Importance of Religion in a Post-Modern Society.

Allow me to ask you an uncomfortable question: do you believe in God? If you do, then why and to what purpose does faith have in your life? It could be something that gives you daily strength, something that gives you hope, or even something that you were simply brought up with, and you never thought to question. Obviously there are no wrong answers here, I only ask because the idea of faith and religion is very curious to me and no one likes to talk about it.

Religion and politics are often awkward dinner conversations that people tend to enthusiastically avoid; however, a few weeks ago I had such a dinner with some old and some new friends. Amongst the clatter of knives and scraping of forks, everyone was buzzing around the table talking of trivial issues, until someone mentioned climate change. Knives and forks rested, and the buzzing ceased. Climate change imminently deviated into politics, then gay-marriage, then abortion, and then –the dreaded – religion. The perspective from my old friends was typical, however, my new friends had views that I still find difficult to comprehend – and choose not to relate here. Continue reading

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Born Again.

God                                                                   God
cannot                                                             will not
hear you crying or                                     care for your children
kneeling to                                                     let them wither for
Him                                                                   Her

Smile down on crackling                          lips blowing
marchers and mind-fucks                       your petty fathers
who couldn’t get hard                               fucked into oblivion
for                                                                      imminent
logic and chemicals                                    madness blooms
never believe                                                bullshit and forgiveness
the truth                                                          made history
whispers and moans                                   gargling relish

may He                                                             be cast of
rest in                                                                damnation
peace                                                                 at last

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