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1 in 3.

(Mid afternoon. Jane and Charlie are driving to a cottage near the beach for a romantic weekend together. They are sitting in chairs and there is a makeshift steering wheel, which Charlie is turning. A projected, black and white moving image of a country road plays over the top of Jane and Charlie while they’re talking, kind of like in old movies. They have been married for six years. Jane is pretty and neurotic while Charlie is handsome and stubborn. A light is shining down on them both, Jane is relaxing in the “sunlight” while Charlie drives and taps his thumb along to the “radio.” “Wouldn’t it be Nice” by the Beach Boys is playing.) Continue reading

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Not Hearing the Pitter-Patter of Tiny Feet.

Don’t get me wrong; I love kids! They’re cute and pudgy and have darling-little-teacup-faces, but frankly, I don’t want any.

Firstly: I don’t understand why we’ve supposedly made leaps and bounds with our stretch for equality, yet women are still expected to have children. Apparently: one day – in my late 20s – a ‘motherly instinct’ will kick in and I will be in a dashing need for a child. I will stop whatever career changes and advancements I have made, and will insist upon popping out a little mini-me. I honestly don’t see this happening…

Babies are lovely, and can often bring lots of joy. On the other hand, they’re gross. They require 24-hour attention and every waking moment of your life has to be dedicated to your child. Your independent life as you know it is over. It’s not the sleepless nights or the nappy changes that bother me; it’s the knowledge that everything I have achieved up to that point will either cease to exist or slow down. I have a niece – she’s just turned one and is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. She makes me laugh and generates a loving, gooey feeling inside me; then again, I can only listen to The Wheels On The Bus so many times before I get an aneurism. At one point while playing with her, I wanted to sit down and relax for a moment, but when you have children those precious moments vanish right out the door. Along with your sanity. Continue reading

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