Let’s Play Poison.

listen                               listen
let me tell                        all of
you secrets                      your worst nightmares
the darkness                    will pervade
and sorrow                      all encompassing
destroys                         madness and
scratching and                 pulling and beating
fellow man                       let the dust
rise                                  settle
over an ashen                  annihilated
land                                 land
once so full                     of beauty
of men                            who didn’t
listen or                          understand
again we shall                 prevail
fall                                  into greatness
into savagery                  burn all the
books and                      heathens and
dancing music                obliterate them
all gone                          away
bolt your                        loved ones in
steel doors                     trenches and
cages lock away             bursts of
the night                        colour
fear the                         reaper in the
others                            hearts lies
trust                               trust
no one                           everyone
nobody                          lies
eat the                            human
flesh with                        ligaments
the tendons                     roasted on
burning fire                     microwave ovens
allow yourself                  this is
a life                                a survival
of carnal                         brutal
venom                             venom

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